This Tenali In Delhi Serves True Andhra Flavours

A few months ago, my friend renowned Chef Osama Jalali released a short video on this place- Tenali The Andhra Kitchen. It got me interested and then he also urged me to go and try the food there. I did resolve to go but it somehow got lingering on. Finally, I landed there for lunch on the 31st, just in time before the year ended. What followed was a wonderful encounter with a riot of colours, myriad flavours, temperatures and textures. The whole experience was quite enjoyable and satisfying. If you also love Andhra Food, must go and I am sure, you would enjoy it.  Continue reading “This Tenali In Delhi Serves True Andhra Flavours”

South Indian Delights in South Delhi

This is a quick one !!

I had a whirlwind tour of South of Delhi and tasted food at three South Indian Food joints. All three of them serving some great stuff. In this short Food Story today, let me introduce some amazing Sambar Vada, Dahi Vada, Masala Dosa and Porota Kurma that these places are offering.

Continue reading “South Indian Delights in South Delhi”

Best Biryani In Chennai; And Dosa, Meals In Bangalore

Do you want to have a food guide to have Best Breakfast and Lunch in Chennai? Or a Best Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in Bangalore? When there, do you want to have a Tasteful Dosa, Best Idli, Jigarthanda Cool Drink or Dindigul Biryani in Chennai or Andhra Meals in Bangalore. Then this is for you.

I was in these two Southern cities last week. Which meant five meals over two days. So, here’s my food story of this week. Continue reading “Best Biryani In Chennai; And Dosa, Meals In Bangalore”

This United India Thali Spreads Flavourful Love

Do you stick to your Dal Makhani, Butter Chicken and Butter Naan ? Or; do you want to try out local cuisine when you travel ? If the answer to second question is yes, then you are in for a feast here.

People are talking about this. It was splashed all over the Internet last week. It was on a news channel early this week. Its video is trending over foodie channels. And this week, around 30 food enthusiasts landed there and waited eagerly for the Chief Guest of the evening to arrive. Continue reading “This United India Thali Spreads Flavourful Love”

A Royal Breakfast In Hyderabad

Last week in Hyderabad, I had this royal Mughlai Breakfast at a modest eatery. This one may not be for the faint hearted but if one can manage portions, without getting swayed away, then it is a feast. Literally, it was a feast for me and my local colleague, Akshay Karan. Here is an account of our experience. Continue reading “A Royal Breakfast In Hyderabad”

A Tale of Meals & Dosa In Bangalore

If you love South Indian Food, then this is surely for you.

Wait !! You also need to have Patience, Apettite and Drive to relish this food.

Last week, I was in Bangalore for a couple of days. There were three places on my agenda: Mavalli Tiffin Rooms (MTR), Vidyarthi Bhavan and Shri Sagar (CTR). Now, these three appeared to be in three different directions. So, had to attend to the work first. Then in the spare time available, had to visit these iconic eateries in the city which I could, to some extent. Here is the story… Continue reading “A Tale of Meals & Dosa In Bangalore”