What And Where To Eat In Indore

Search this on Google and you would get a long list. Chhappan Dukan and Sarafa, night Bazar would be featuring on almost every site. So, while these two were already on my list, but I needed more. So, it was a variety of Poha and Jalebi, Sindhi Dal Pakwaan, Gujarati Fafda and Kadhi besides others in breakfast. A lunch of Rajasthani Thali or an ala carte order of Lehsuni Palak and Khichdi. And then some Hot Dog, Khopra Pattice and Batla Kachori during evening stroll. All this followed by some Coconut Crush, Garadu, Bhutte Ki Khees, Fruit Shots and what not, including a flying Dahi Bada in Sarafa. Is this mind boggling ? Well, all this was over about 36 hours in Indore, last weekend. Read on and this could serve as your broad itinerary for the city. Continue reading “What And Where To Eat In Indore”

Bejad Roti, Aloo Stuffed Kachori Washed Down With Chikoo Shake In Jaipur

A quick work trip to Jaipur, capital city of Rajasthan, early this week also turned out to be a food and a foodie experience. I was introduced to Bejad Ki Roti served with Aloo-Pyaaz-Paneer Subzi, Gatte Ki Sabzi and Rajasthani Kadhi. Also got to taste a unique Kachori which was filled with skin-on spicy mashed Potatoes and served with coarsely ground Pudina Chutney (Mint Condiment). Plus our regular musts such as Poha, Mirchi Bada with Kadhi and Papaya Shake. This time I also tasted this amazing Chikoo Shake. Let me introduce all this to you. Continue reading “Bejad Roti, Aloo Stuffed Kachori Washed Down With Chikoo Shake In Jaipur”

My Tryst With Bhut Jolokia; And A Wonderful Meal In Lutyen’s Delhi

Last Sunday, in a chilling cold, in an open courtyard with efforts to warm up the ambience with some live fire Sigree, I enjoyed an amazing dinner in a Food Pop Up curated by Chef Rajan Bedi. The three-course meal started with Amalokhi Soup, Chicken Tikka and Rampuri Seekh Kebab as starters. The main course included Lahsooni Dal, Amritsari Fish Curry, Murgir Jhol and Lal Maas. The accompaniments included Bhut Jolokia Chutney, Aloo Pithika and Khorisa (fermented Bamboo Shoot) Pithika. And the wonderful fare wrapped with Malpua topped with Moong Dal Halwa. What an experience and what an achievement of mine !!

Achievement ???…. Continue reading “My Tryst With Bhut Jolokia; And A Wonderful Meal In Lutyen’s Delhi”

This Tenali In Delhi Serves True Andhra Flavours

A few months ago, my friend renowned Chef Osama Jalali released a short video on this place- Tenali The Andhra Kitchen. It got me interested and then he also urged me to go and try the food there. I did resolve to go but it somehow got lingering on. Finally, I landed there for lunch on the 31st, just in time before the year ended. What followed was a wonderful encounter with a riot of colours, myriad flavours, temperatures and textures. The whole experience was quite enjoyable and satisfying. If you also love Andhra Food, must go and I am sure, you would enjoy it.  Continue reading “This Tenali In Delhi Serves True Andhra Flavours”

Much More Than Just Chaat In Agra….

Last week, we drove down to Agra.

The idea was to explore some local flavours and we were delighted with what the city had to offer during this short trip. I had an amazing Tea from a unique shop, some great tasting Paranthas, breakfast of Bedai Subzi, some great Chaat and some amazing Sweet Dishes, including a Makhan Ka Samosa (yes Butter Samosa, you read it right) and Hot Milk. This Food Story could serve as your tentative itinerary if you are there in the city for a day and wanted to enjoy some local delicacies. Continue reading “Much More Than Just Chaat In Agra….”

Kolkata Surprises Again With Kachori, Joynagarer Moa & Baingan Bhartha

Last week, I was once again in Kolkata. In between work, whatever time one could squeeze out, some great food experiences unfolded. I enjoyed few versions of local Kachori Subzi, Jalebi , Kullhad Chai (tea in earthen cup), Joynagarer Moa, a North Indian Lunch at a local Punjabi Dhaba and Deviled Crab at the iconic Mocambo. Here is a sneak peek. Continue reading “Kolkata Surprises Again With Kachori, Joynagarer Moa & Baingan Bhartha”

Riot Of Flavours & Colours In Amritsar !!

If you were to have just two meals in Amritsar and you have a really long list of recommendations, then what you do ? I was faced with this situation recently. So, I shortlisted and packed in the famous Dal and Palak Paneer at the iconic Kesar Da Dhaba, Malai Kofta, Matka Kulfi, Phirni and Tuti Fruiti Ice Cream at Brothers Dhaba. Both Lunch and Dinner were interspersed with Gulab Jamun, Palak Pakora, Moong Dal Laddoo and then Amritsari Fish at Amar, Ranjeet Avenue. How ?

Continue reading “Riot Of Flavours & Colours In Amritsar !!”