South Indian Delights in South Delhi

This is a quick one !!

I had a whirlwind tour of South of Delhi and tasted food at three South Indian Food joints. All three of them serving some great stuff. In this short Food Story today, let me introduce some amazing Sambar Vada, Dahi Vada, Masala Dosa and Porota Kurma that these places are offering.

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Osama Jalali Brings Rustic Flavours From North-West Frontier Province

Last Sunday, I enjoyed an amazing ensemble of rustic and earthy food from the North West Frontier Province at Le Meriden, Gurgaon. Celebrity Chef, Osama Jalali  and his wife Nazia Jalali  had curated a special menu from the province for a ten-day food festival. I managed to go on the last day and repented this delay. I got to sample Chef’s Special spread comprising, Chapli Kebab, Namak Boti , Chandan Kebab, and Tikka Boti as part of Starters, followed by Balochi Kadhai, Koyla Murg, Chinioti Kunna Gosht, Chhole Murg and Chargah Pulao. What all does this mean ? Continue reading “Osama Jalali Brings Rustic Flavours From North-West Frontier Province”

In The Momo World Of Thakali, Kolkata

When you have the best of Momos, in the country !

When you have a variety of amazing Pork Dishes!

When you have flavorful Chicken Wings !

When you have surprisingly tasty Honey Fish !

When you have sinfully divine Pancakes; and

When you have the Momo Queen of India, Doma Wang, a leading Chef, an interesting personality who is full of life, as your host….

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