Breakfast Of Nihari, Sondesh & History On The Roads of Kolkata

I was in Kolkata last week. My FB friend and a fellow food blogger, Subhankar Ghosh had promised to take me for a very good breakfast. “Please be ready early morning”, I was warned by Subhankar. “They start by 430 in the morning and are over by 630”, another warning. The message was clear that if I want to enjoy a great breakfast, get out and get going early morning. Was it worth the effort? Continue reading “Breakfast Of Nihari, Sondesh & History On The Roads of Kolkata”

They Celebrate Meals In China

Do we celebrate food ? Do we celebrate eating meals together ? Do we have our food with some mindfulness ? In India, by and large the answer may not be a convincing yes. Hey !! Wait, why am I even asking these weird questions? No. These are not irrelevant questions. About a fortnight ago, I was in China for a few days and was part of a Team Building Program with a group of my local colleagues there, around 20 of them. We traveled, stayed and yes ate together. Among all other wonderful experiences, the way the eating meals together in a celebration mode, raised the above questions.  Continue reading “They Celebrate Meals In China”