Zaiqa-E- Hyderabad !!

When we talk of Hyderabad, an image of Biryani, followed by Haleem, Patthar Gosht, Spicy Gongura Mutton, Double Ka Meetha, and others cross our mind. Over many visits to the city and various food experiences, I bring here a glimpse of two eateries, iconic in their own unique way. One is a bit upmarket and other a local favourite but both these restaurants dish out some great flavours. Enjoy !! Continue reading “Zaiqa-E- Hyderabad !!”

Fooding On The Streets Of Goa

My short trip to Goa last month saw me not bothering much for the beach shacks’ food and the restaurants’s food (although we did have).  Instead, I tried to focus on what was available on the streets. And, those basic places served some authentic stuff with amazing flavours which amused me a lot. I bring to you some of my flavourful encounters on the streets of Goa.  Continue reading “Fooding On The Streets Of Goa”