Assamese Jolpan Is An Enjoyable Traditional Breakfast Spread

Whenever I am traveling, I am always interested in trying out local dishes and from the eateries from where the locals eat. Early this week, I was in Guwahati, Assam for a day. As always, I tried the local food and have a couple of amazing food stories to narrate. Let’s talk of a local Breakfast first. I could never imagine that a local breakfast could be so simple yet refreshing and flavourful.  The only difference is that it was served in a 5-Star but by a local in a traditional style. Quite interesting, no? Continue reading “Assamese Jolpan Is An Enjoyable Traditional Breakfast Spread”

Sunday Breakfast : Playing Around With Kerala Flavours Was Fun

Weekend comes with many excitements. One of them is Sunday Breakfast. It’s the time when you look forward to something interesting and different. At times, some thoughts cross my mind and I wear my kitchen apron to experiment with flavours. This Sunday was one of them where the flavours from Kerala formed the base for my experiments. And this can surely induce many ideas for you as well. Continue reading “Sunday Breakfast : Playing Around With Kerala Flavours Was Fun”