36 Hours In Varanasi : Amazing Food Experiences; Non-Veg Too !!

Last week I was in Varanasi for about 36 hours. With Varanasi, two things naturally come in mind: paying your obeisance at the religious places and good food. So, food meant 1 Breakfast, 2 Lunches and 1 Dinner with lots of places to go to taste. Uff ! A huge task. So focus in food was local delights and not other cuisines available in the city. I bring here my detailed account of the two-day trip and should you visit the city, it may also serve as an itinerary guide for you. Here we go.  Continue reading “36 Hours In Varanasi : Amazing Food Experiences; Non-Veg Too !!”

Early Morning Breeze And The Flavours Galore In Chandni Chowk

Chandni Chowk or Old Delhi or Delhi 6 or The Walled City, the area is known by many names and is famous for many things besides being an iconic historic place.  I visit this locality twice in a year, if not more, for the amazing food which this city offers the year round.  I go there once during the middle of the year when it is Ramzan days. This visit is essentially during evening hours to enjoy non-vegetarian delights (you may find the details here).  Then once during the period between Diwali to Holi.  This visit is normally on a weekend and essentially early morning to enjoy the vegetarian fare. Today, it’s turn for the early morning account which brings to you the joy of enjoying various dishes to have a hearty, actually a very hearty, breakfast. Continue reading “Early Morning Breeze And The Flavours Galore In Chandni Chowk”