In The Awe(Some) Of Desserts

A few months ago, a Dr friend almost forced me to try Nolen Gur Ice Cream in Kolkata and even sent me pictures and links of the places it is available.  I tried it and was instantly floored.  No words can do justice to the taste and the pleasure it gives you. It’s unique, you fell in love with it instantly and only Kolkata, a foodies heaven, can offer this. That one scoop of that divine ice cream triggered the sweet story this week. What all the city offers to you, if you have a sweet tooth? The range is maddening and yet flavourful. Here we go… for a glimpse.   Continue reading “In The Awe(Some) Of Desserts”

In A Chinese City : Different Cuisines And Many Flavours

Last week, I was in Guangzhou, known as the the manufacturing capital of China. Even before I left, my social media timelines started saying that soon the platforms shall have food experiences from there.  Very natural and obvious expectations. Let me tell you that I had gone there for work and that took priority.  Food? Yes, we had to eat so, during my stay of about four days I enjoyed, hold on…Italian (yes, you read it right), Vietnamese (right again), Fast Food, Chinese (obviously) and Indian too !!!! So, I bring here a slightly different Food Story. Here we go. Continue reading “In A Chinese City : Different Cuisines And Many Flavours”