Tastefully Himalayan Food Sets Off Flavourful Food Stories

A wonderful lunch experience early this week took me back to trace an interesting food story.

While in college, I got to know of a place known as Monastery,  a Tibetan refugee colony near Majnu Ka Tila, in Delhi. Youngsters visited this place for some good Tibetan food at dearth cheap prices. This cuisine was loosely known as Chinese food.  I remember having gone there with a friend and could muster the courage only to try noodles. Yes, even by the standard of early eighties, a plateful was quite cheap and very tasty. There were many other dishes sold by the Tibetan refugees but we decided to remain confined to the noodles. I was quite impressed on the first introductory encounter with the food of the Himalayan region. Thereafter, I would have visited it many times during those days but for chicken noodles only.  Now it is ages that I haven’t gone there. Today, many food enthusiasts conduct food walks there to introduce you to various Tibetan / Himalayan / Chinese dishes available there. In fact I must go there, soon. Meanwhile, let’s leave it here only and stay focused on the story which has been triggered. Continue reading “Tastefully Himalayan Food Sets Off Flavourful Food Stories”